U bent hier

Houder, fietspomp en herstel-sleutels.

In Brussels, students are taking the bike ever more often. But what if they have a flat tyre? Or if a screw needs to be tightened? As of now, there is a solution to these and other small bike defects: the BikeTool.


In May, Br(ik - the service desk for students in the capital city - is placing a so-called BikeTool on 5 campuses of higher education schools in Brussels. This BikeTool is equipped with a bike holder, a universal bicycle pump and a set of 5 wrenches. These tools will enable students to do small repairs of their bikes themselves.


Fit Students
With its BikeTool, Br(ik wants to support and promote the use of a bicycle as an ideal transport mode for students. According to the organisation, bikes are fast, flexible and have a large range. The BikeTool itself is also a way to put the spotlight on the use of a bicycle, and can motivate non-biking students to consider the use of it.


The BikeTool will be placed on the campuses of VUB (Etterbeek and Jette), Erasmushogeschool Brussel, Odisee en LUCA School of Arts.