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Terror level down to 3. Campus life back to normal, but vigilance remains recommended

A sigh of relief passes through VUB as terror level 4 is reduced to level 3. Furthermore, police forces have no indication that Vrije Universiteit Brussel, other colleges or school are targeted. 


All events at the university will go on as planned. The earlier call for heightened vigilance remains valid and the amount of open entrances will still be reduced. This last measure makes it easier for security staff to garantee safety. Gradually, more entrances will be opened following constant analysis of the situation. Up until the weekend all activities remain cancelled. Patrolling armed personell will continue to guard the campuses over the coming days.

Rector Paul De Knop: “I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to students, professors and staff for their serenity in these plight times. We turned a leaf and will once again start building an open society where the individual development and freedom take center stage. The VUB will continue to pave that road.”


Heightened vigilance is called for


Since terror level 3 is still in effect, VUB insists that everyone remains attentive:

All staff members are asked to store the emergency number 02-629 11 11 and security number 02-629 21 76 in the speed dial settings of their cell phones. 
Campus security will increase its surveillance rounds on campus, including around the student dormitories
We urge everyone to remain vigilant and to report suspicious matters to campus security
License plate recognition on campus Etterbeek will remain active. On campus Jette the existing admission procedures remain in effect. 
A reduced number of entrances to campus buildings will be opened. More information will be posted on the respective entry points.
If you want to gain access to a closed off entrance, contact campus security. Keep your staff number at the ready, you will need it to get in.
The Information Hub is ready to inform and refer students and staff if needed. You can contact them by telephone at 02-629 20 10