U bent hier

Earlier this evening has been decided that the terror level for the Brussels Region remains at 4. Schools and subways will be closed. Therefore VUB has decided to prolong the measure in effect today.


The measures VUB took stay in effect tomorrow. This means that:

  • All classes and other activities will be cancelled
  • All sport and other events will be cancelled
  • Our day care centers will be closed
  • VUB staff members are adviced to work from home as much as possible
    • To warrant minimum service levels, we ask everyone to contact his or her direct superior to make arrangements
    • Minimum service is provided in the student restaurant, the library and laboratories that require continuous service


These measures are in effect until Tuesday November 24th. We are coordinating with security forces to start normal activity as of Wednesday November 25th. A update will be given out tomorrow night. All staff members are expected to resume on campus work from Wednesday onwards, unless the situation changes in the meantime.


Hightened vigilance needed
Terror level 4 remains in effect, this implies that hightened vigilance is needed. Therefore we ask you to abide by these guidelines:


  1. All staff members will be asked to store the emergency number 02 629 11 11 and security contact number 02 629 21 76 in their cell phones.
  2. Campus security will increase its surveillance rounds on campus, including around the student dormitories
  3. We urge everyone to remain vigilant and to report suspicious matters to campus security or to contact the emergency number in case of an emergency
  4. License plate recognition on campus Etterbeek will remain active. On campus Jette the existing admission procedures remain in effect.
  5. A reduced number of entrances to campus buildings will be opened. More information will be posted on the respective entry points.
  6. Anyone requiring access to a closed building, can ask campus security to grant entry. Keep your staff number ready, as it will be necessary to gain access.