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In the past this conference was held on the Friday before the start of the academic year. This year the conference will be held on Thursday 19 September, the day before the Academic Opening session. It will be the closing event of the Orientation Week, a week especially organised to welcome all new students to the VUB.


Redelijk Ongeregeld, as the conference is called, usually gears towards well established active VUB students, student representatives, board members and so on. Now the timing also allows us to introduce the newbies to the experienced volunteers directly and vice versa.

So this year the more in-depth seminars will take place in the morning, whilst the nice-to-know things, also open for new students, are scheduled in the afternoon. Through the link at the bottom of the page you can already confirm your attendance. Once you have registered we will send you a form to schedule your personal programme as soon as possible (most seminars cater for approximately 20 participants).

This is what the preliminary outline looks like:


Rights and duties for recognised student organisations, including organising big events on campus 
GDPR (privacy rules to be respected by all organisations) 
Accounting in the cloud through Assist, compulsory for all treasurers of recognised societies 
Brainstorm: Hack the campus 
Sharepoint for the webmasters and others interested from recognised student organisations only 
Safety coordination at parties (evacuation, fire extinguishers, self-defence…)


Student dorm economics: how to cook cheap, healthy and tasteful? 
4 city tours from Bxl to XL (Brussels to Elsene/Ixelles) with a variety of themes like Europe, design, street food, student bars, lots of historical and sociological facts, smart city, maybe even Jette. 
How to make new friends 
Moving around by foot, bike, step, tramways, metro, taxi, bus, train, cambio… How and when to choose which mobility modus? 
Initiation to the Sportsmix: 26 kinds of sports you can participate in through the academic year, get acquainted before picking your choice 
Cultural activism: Pilar, the VUB cultural services introduces you to some basics


Speed dating with all recognised student organisations 
Ceremony of the Student Engagement Award 2019 (deadline for nomination: 7th of July!) 


You can register for the conference here.