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On Thursday the 25th of April you are expected on the rugby field and nearby U-Residence for some exotic food, even more exotic sports, plays and world music. Sunshine guaranteed.


Sports have often proved to be common ground for people and cultures to meet each other. On these International Hunter Games one will  find a whole range of sports and plays from all over the world. Volunteers will explain the rules and how to play. At the same time, or after playing, you will enjoy the opportunity to taste different meals from far away as well. And we will end the day with world music on stage. Those of you who are talented may bring their own musical instruments too.


The first ‘International Games’ were launched in 2016-17 by the International Student Platform. A rather small initiative but succesful. And most of all: very very funny. One can check out the pictures of that first event on this Facebookpage.


This academic year Mixomnia ensures the organisation, in close collaboration with the Brussels University Association sports and the VUB Culture service. The aim is to get to know each other. More specifically we want you to meet those students which you normally do not approach that easily. As a matter of fact we still feel that lot’s of international students do not mingle with the locals. Even though many student societies do communicate in English, it seems that international students do not really take part in the Brussels student life. Hopefully the International Hunter Games can improve this situation.


Mixomnia tries to narrow that gap throughout the whole academic year. They do this by organising nearly every week smaller events for their members, which all have very diverse backgrounds. By nature, they appreciate this diversity a lot. So it’s kind of logical that they invite and encourage the other societies to defend their colours on these games. We do not know which prey will be hunted for, but we do know that also students from ULB, Odisee and Erasmus Hogeschool will be present, and some beautiful trophies are awaiting for the best teams. Participation is free, but registering is compulsory. So please do so today via the official Facebook page.