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On Thursday 17 October, the now annual Go Abroad Fair, took place at the Study Guidance centre (Building F). Some 75 organisations sent in information to be put on display during the event, and 24 organisations were present at the fair with stands. There was also an info session from 12:00-13:00 by the VUB International Relations office with more details on exchange opportunities within and outside of Europe.



The fair was a big hit, with more than 400 dropping by to find out more about going abroad for studies, internships and volunteer opportunities. There was also a chance to win prizes – the first prize being an interrail pass. To be in with a chance to win one of the prizes though, 5 questions had to be answered. 81 played the quiz. The winners will be drawn (from a hat) in the coming weeks, so if you participated, fingers and toes crossed your name gets selected!


To highlight the 15th anniversary of the EU’s biggest enlargement, some countries that joined the EU in 2004 had a stand at the go abroad fair: Masaryk University from the Czech Republic, NAWA (the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange), Study in Hungary, the University of Economics (Czech Republic), and the University of Pécs (Hungary).


Going abroad during or after your studies to study, do an internship or volunteer work is highly encouraged. It’s an opportunity to see different places, discover new cultures, make new friends from across the world, practise your language skills or even learn a new language, and it helps boost your self-confidence as well. These days there are lots of ways to go abroad, with scholarships and grants available to help with the financial side, and of course the VUB International Relations office exchange team and the faculties’ exchange coordinators are there to help.


Want to find out how some students experienced going abroad?

=> Need more information about going abroad during your studies? Contact your faculty’s exchange coordinator, check out the faculty info sessions for exchange opportunities in 2020-2021, or contact the VUB International Relations office’s exchange team (

And if you’ve decided to go abroad already? Bon Voyage!