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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, RHEA (Research Centre on Gender, Diversity & Intersectionality), Crosstalks, Research Events and the Equality Team organize a new edition of the Gender Week! A week of reflection and debate about power and resistance, inclusion and equality in academia, sexual harassment, racialization and embodiment. The various lectures and seminars offer an intersectional and feminist approach. Find all the events and info on


  • 2 maart: “Beyond Gender Quotas” Lecture & Debate with Karen Celis and Sarah Childs
  • 3 maart: “On Posthumanism” Lecture by Rossi Braidotti
  • 8 maart: “A black feminist interpretation” Lecture by Minna Salami
  • 9 maart: “MdM-lecture” By David Paternotte “Rethinking Anti-Gender Campaigns”
  • 10 maart: “Women in Research Speak Up”
  • 11 maart: Black History Month in Belgium: The racial origins of fat phobia
  • 12 maart: Guest Lecture Tanja Vuckovic Juros
  • 12 maart: Student Training : Act against sexual harassment: bystander intervention training
  • 13 maart: Food for Thought “The equality action plan”
  • 13 maart: Dementiezorg in diversiteit met Anne Claeys