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Adéla Česenková is a Master’s degree student from the Czech Republic, studying International Politics and Diplomacy.

For her 2nd semester, she came to Brussels to the VUB on an Erasmus exchange programme to study Economics and Management.

Her dream is to see the whole European continent. So, as a student, what better opportunity than the Erasmus Exchange programmes. “I wanted to go to a country I’d never been to before. Belgium was my top choice, because I could also improve my French. And spend half a year eating chips and waffles and drinking nice beer as well! When I saw the list of partner universities, I noticed the VUB offered courses that more or less matched my field of study.”


Studying abroad was a given. Adéla knew from the start she’d go on an Erasmus exchange. She hoped that studying abroad would help her specialise in her academic choices but it was also an opportunity to get to know herself better, and it helped her realise what she wanted to do in the near future. [continue reading below picture]

Academically speaking, she was impressed with her 6 months at the VUB: “We were forced to use our critical thinking skills when given information, and to find the sometimes subtle links between topics. It was a pleasant surprise to see how the professors encouraged us to develop our own opinion.”


When it came to compare Prague and Brussels, Brussels won on scale and cosmopolitan feel, but lost out to Prague on public transport, which Adéla finds more efficient in her home town. And, Adela adds, “of course Prague is still one of the most beautiful cities around, and definitely worth a visit”. In terms of campus, the beauty of the VUB campus lies in all the spots where you can hang out. Adela points out, “At first, I didn’t appreciate these very well, but come exam time, they are fabulous and so useful.” [continue reading below picture]

Adéla has fond memories now of Brussels and the VUB. Hanging out on the Mont des Arts, in the park, at Terkameren Bos and at the Bourse. Asked if she has any recommendation for students who are thinking about studying abroad and specifically at the VUB, she says very enthusiastically, “do not be afraid to take this opportunity! Come and discover Brussels and the VUB. And then, once you are here, socialise and make friends, for instance through the ESN VUB EhB Brussels network.”


And as to Adéla ’s immediate future? She hopes to do an internship (if possible in Brussels) and then finish her studies in Prague. She is however mulling over the idea of applying for another Master’s degree abroad, but not sure yet of the details. But first… a nice summer holiday!